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What will the Year 2118 look like?


How will society change by then?


if society is even still here that is


Well obviously it will look like 2118 duh


I feel like one of us will be 100+ our current age and then look back at this post and say:



what a lad.

But srsly, things could go really bad or better depending on who in charge does what.


I’ll be dead so IDC


who even knows at this point.


There won’t be anymore TikToks left to TikTok


why do u always ask so many questions?


i mean ill be dead so ill be happy


Perhaps the robots will take over by then, who knows. What kind of dog is that in the picture?


Makes sense, I understand


Never thought of that way till now😂. But you are right at least one of us might live that long and look back at this picture


True. Even 20 years from now is a mystey. Something is coming after the cellphone, but I don’t know if it’s AR lenses in the future. What inspired the username?


Never thought of that till now, but you’re right😂 What inspired the username?


Gets more responses. Especially when interacting with new people.


LOL u ask everyone what inspired their username… even when its just their name

the king of questions i swear


fair enough


Maybe he should change his name to questionking


Half Life 3 will be out by then


I would change it now if I could to something I’m known as heh, but i really like celestial figures :blush::sunny: