What went wrong with musical.ly and how can we stop it from happening to v2?


I literally despise musical.ly. It was okay for a while, but it became a playground for people who are 9-13. It made people who don’t have a business being famous like Jacob Sartorius or Baby Ariel and their little friends who has little to no talent in my opinion. Not trying to be rude, but how do we keep cringey, fame seeking people like that from getting known.


Unfortunately with any platform that allows someone to gain quick fame there will always be people that find a way to get through with minimal talent whether that be through drama as you said they would be fame seekers. I think that as long as there is a way for people that have genuine talent to be seen a noticed then that app has done it’s job


There is already a difference, V2 is for over 13 years.

“We all have talent, we have to find it” Bernard Hiller


Maybe post content that is relevant for adults. Not innappropriate stuff, possibly jokes about politics and all that… That way you’ll attract a higher aged target audience. And as much as I hate to break it to you, it’s hard to keep the younger generation from blowing up


All of the apps legally have audience over 13 years of age but most children don’t listen.


Creo que Musical.ly fue una copia de Vine. Y Musica.ly a perdido popularidad gracias a la dificultad de las “trancisiones” o “Challenges” ya que entre el 40% y el 50% no sabe crear esas trancisiones…

En Vine no se necesita eso, solo se necesita ser creativo y sabes creas bromas “pranks” :joy:


I think the ideal would be to avoid children in the application, allowing only the registration of people aged 13 or over


Realistically, an age limit won’t stop anyone.


There isn’t a way to “stop” it. We just have to create good, quality content and hope for the best (:slight_smile:


Different audiences altogether imo.
When it came to vine, people where either comedic or really artsy. But on musically ,since you just lip-synced to popular music, the vanity of the site showed immediately in how only attractive people can be interesting while pretending to sing because the only thing keeping you there is how you don’t get bored of their faces.
V2 should be fine since the type of content here would need to be funny or good. Unlike the half-assed things in music.ly.


For everyone saying that we should make the app not for kids, it’s impossible for there to be an app that is only allowed for 13+ years old, regardless of any laws. I’d also like to state that most Musically stars are above 13 years old, so clearly that isn’t the reason why it is how it is…


people over 13 make silly videos showing how beautiful they are for kids


This is something which is inevitable. We don’t have any control over it. What we feel is cringey could be liked by someone else. If they’re getting popular without any talent then we can’t really do anything about it. The best thing we can do is, focus on ourselves and our content. Plus, V2 is pretty different from music.ly. I mean, they can’t lip sync all the time and will actually have to work and make content. So yeah. Let’s not care about them and let’s work on making our videos the best. :blush:


To my knowledge Musical.ly’s issue is that it’s hard for them to monetize. So they are currently changing things up a bit to allow them to scale.