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What websites are blocked at your school?


Wow, in schools in my country does not block web pages, they only tell you not to enter but nothing more


Probably pornhub, but i don’t really know, ‘Cause i dont wanna check.


When I was in high school, Facebook,
Instagram, & other social media & games were blocked


Runescape :laughing:


At my school they blocked all IM apps, so kik and messenger wouldn’t work :joy::joy:


My school doesn’t block anything on the wifi expect for like porn. Some teachers use go guardian to block some websites in their class tho.


My school blocked every video streaming site and social media in response to people using the wifi to download off of Netflix. :woman_facepalming:


wow, that’s quite excessive o-o


Original V*ne website
Also limited Youtube content (no commenting or browsing for a video on homepage)


its not fair that you have nothing to do so you surch up roblox to play they block it this is why i wish school should have no axsus to any websight like roblox im like relly why would you block a websight


at mine on phones it blocks instagram


For some reason youtube is blocked at our school and not twitch.


smh 9gag was once blocked


friv was blocked for some time


My exschool blocked word “gay” and “lesbian” when someone typed it in google. But pornhub was cool. There were also blocked “penis” but “vagina” not. My friends at some point were that bored that they have started drawing naked girls on paint. It was priceless. I almost forgot about installed GTA in EVERY computer. But they still blocking gay and lesbian. Fuck GTA, fuck Pornhub. The lgbt people are the most dangerous, for sure. But it was fun watching pornhub. Need some recommendation?


I now automatically don’t like your school because they blocked that amazing site. Heck, I still use that site to this day. Heck, I’m using it right now! :sweat_smile:


Back when I was in high school, Facebook and YouTube were blocked. The teachers were given passwords to get into them for a lesson or whatever. For a short time, even GOOGLE was blocked, because of some kids googling some dirty stuff (guilty)


Instagram and Youtube used to be blocked but for some reason they’re not anymore?? To kill time in class I would used to take Buzzfeed quizzes and play (lol sorry stupidiest game ever but its fun so) but they blocked them earlier this year yay!


but I totally recommend that game if you’re an idiot like me


they block ROBLOX from my school