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What websites are blocked at your school?


My school is pretty strict when it comes to the internet. They ended up blocking the BYOD wifi, meaning we can only use it on the laptops that the school give us and a bunch of websites are blocked as well, including instagram, buzzfeed, tumblr, etc. and it can be annoying when we just wanna chill on the internet during break :confused:
Just wondering for those of you who are still in school - is yours stricter than this or more lenient? I hope they don’t block this site haha


When I was at school facebook and msn were blocked


My school used to have nothing blocked but they just started blocking every social media. But everyone uses a vpn app now to bypass it


I remember when they blocked CoolMathGames.

That was a loss for my entire school.


omg yes Run was like my favourite game when I was 11 and we had nothing to do at school


they unfortunately block VPNs at my school :confused:


They used to block almost everything at school. We couldn’t even search about cases for my forensics class because it didn’t allow you to search suicides and murderes. They were very strict and we had to use a VPN which they got mad about. College is totally different because you’re an adult. I always felt lik a baby in HS because they blocked normal stuff too.


everything, but i have a vpn so


Vpn’s are blocked at my school

But we have most sites excluding nsfw sites.


Nothing really for me, I just use a vpn (currently watching Netflix :grimacing:) and I have a class with computers that aren’t connected to the schools network


Not alot. Last year Netflix was blocked, which was a pain. But students figured out the teacher wifi for certain areas. So that got around the problem😂


its nearly impossible to block all vpns so just find one that works


Not that I would need to watch porn at school but do you have any suggestions?


Students found out the teacher wifi at my school and all of them got blacklisted on all of my city’s school wifi.


i use hotspot sheild, which you can download on the appstore, but there are many others like ghost vpn and vpn-x


Well when I was in high school MySpace was blocked lol


at my school all social media and internet shopping sites are blocked, but youtube has recently been unblocked for us sixth formers. pretty much all of us have a vpn installed on our phones so we can bypass the blocking system




My school just stopped caring😂. Those were good years


At my high school Snapchat was blocked as well as VPNs