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What type of content are you guys going to make?


I’m going to be making comedy type vids what about you guys? I’m curious!
Happy new years aswell

The Names Austin Harris 😂

I’m sure a lot of people will be making comedy since that was really popular on vine
Im probably going to do some Zach King type stuff


Awesome stuff man !!


I’m gonna be doing some “comedy” if ya know what I’m sayin


The same stuff I posted on Vine. Basically, anything that I felt inspired to shoot.

So, maybe it was just me going on an evening walk. Making a chai latte. A movie trailer for a film that only partly exists. An ad for a fashion company. A flying insect in slow motion. A time lapse of traffic or the night sky. Clips from my favourite TV shows like Seinfeld or Twin Peaks. Dreams that I had. Or any number of things going on around me. :slight_smile:


Beats, vlogging


I just make creative/art videos.


I’m doing comedy


Comedy and Music


I love to edit , would enjoy doing a collab if you like to creativity edit as well!


Tbh whatever comes to my mind.