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What show are you currently watching?


I’m watching Designated Survivor right now, and I just finished “You” on Netflix. What shows is everyone else watching?


Fairy tail, dororo, the magicians, and all of the dc universe shows on the cw, riverdale, all american


finishing up parks and rec!


The office for the third time in a row


Re: Zero

The only show that can do groundhogs day right
Aka dieing and returning to a certain point over and over


I’m watching myself mess up


Designated Survivor was cool until the drama got too wild.
A show I STRONGLY RECOMMEND is Joe Pera Talks With You. It’s a weird type of humor but I love it so much. So wholesome.


I’m watching The Flash, Supernatural, Parks n Rec, The Good Place, and I just started Lucifer :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


deadly class


nothing really

i guess fairy tail cuz it’s ending, and assassination classroom whenever i’ll finish that one


Just started Wayne


I binge watch the CW Arrowverse.


You was so good! I’m watching Assassination of Gianni Versace, Brooklyn 99, how I met your mother and new girl


In Netflix: Titans (teen titans)
Club de cuervos (highly recommended)


I need a new show to watch I was watching the bundy files creepy stuff


@AustinHarris if you have netflix search for “Club de cuervos” is in spanish, but it have close captions. Its super funny


Nothing atm because I don’t really watch series in a fear that I’ll start binge watching them and not be productive in actual important stuff


I see what you’re saying about Designated Survivor lmfao, I’m on Season 2, Episode 11.


Just finished watching Prison Break for the second time and Black Mirror for the fourth time. I really need something new to watch


Prison Break was really good. I haven’t seen Black Mirror yet, but so many people have told me to watch it. I recommend The 100, You, or Lost for a new show.