What should I watch on Netflix?


I recc Death Note before it gets taken down on October 15! You have 5 days!!!


Dexter, Bigmouth, and wentworth are really good !


Dexter (if you want a long lasting show to watch!)
Black Mirror is amazing and mind blowing, every episode is completely different, don’t let the first episode of season 1 throw you off.
Atypical - I binged watched this show the other day… all in one day… all 18 episodes😂
Pretty Little Liars
American Horror Story
The OA
Orange Is The New Black
Stranger Things


@devynb Sorry doesn’t look to interesting. But thanks for replying :smile:

@arf I watched the anime and the Netflix movie

@MikeBibby I watched dexter and bigmouth, but not wentworth ill add it too my list

@ShonziTho I Watched Dexter, Black Mirror, Atypical, Sense8, The OA, Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things and American Horror story. Pretty little liars doesn’t look too interesting too me but ill think about watching Scream. Thanks for all the shows :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Replying too all of you in one post so I don’t spam the thread replying to all of you)


woah you have great taste in shows! hahaha and pretty little liars is amazing honestly. i was obsessed with it, i didn’t think I’d like it, but i did. you get hooked into it.

Scream is great also. I might come back to this post when I can think of some more :stuck_out_tongue: