What should I watch on Netflix?


Title basically says all. I have no idea of what to watch right now


Black Mirror is really good, and so is Hilda if you want a wholesome interesting cartoon similar to Steven Universe. American Horror Story is always solid if you like thriller/horror. Luke Cage is great if you like Marvel.


Black Mirror is literally the best, good choice.


ATYPICAL is so good.


dead poets society I LOVE IT


Thanks for all the replies c: I’ve already watched Black mirror and Atypical ( @jaydel @SoyLaloCastro )
Also I’ll check out Hilda it looks like a cool show thanks for the recommendation


np! i noticed it one day and was like ‘eff it’ , it looks cute. it turns out the intro is made by grimes and it was so good i watched half the first season that night lol


Chef’s Table is an awesome docu-series about some of the best chefs in the entire world. It’s great if you want to watch something that makes you hungry.


Trust Jaydel to say ‘eff’ instead of swearing haha.

Also, the first 3 seasons of OITNB is pretty good. I don’t know about the rest but I’ve heard it’s not as great.

Seeing as it’s spooky season, The Babysitter is an appropriate movie. Samara Weaving is one sexy badass :fire::fire:


ozark, mind hunter, ect


Lilyhammer. Not sure if you have ever seen the Sopranos, but think of it as a funny Sopranos.


Not netflix, but westworld on hbo (& showbox lol) is super good. But on netflix, try out sense8!


I always recommend 13 rsw first, now… watch the house of flowers, money heist, the fosters, the 100.

Rn I’m starting to watch ELITE and the first episode was really good but it’s a Spanish spoken show, I think it has subtitles tho.


If you can watch HBO I recommend watching LIAR, it’s really good.


definitely Ozark


@bacca @kaden I watched ozark and mind hunter. Probably going to re-watch mind hunter in a little bit though, I recommend it to anyone it’s a really great show


I watched 13 reasons why and the 100, ill check out the other two shows you mentioned though :smile:


@Annam Already watched all of OITNB and yeah after season 3 its kinda boring. Also already saw that movie haha

@LonerATO I have seen the Sopranos but not Lilyhammer. Sounds kinda interesting ill check it out


hehe gotta set a good impression for the kiddos.

also oitnb is awesome