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What projects are you working on?


I know we’re all waiting for Byte, but who’s working on other creative projects right now? YouTube videos? Songs? Mood edits? Photography? Drawings? Who started 2019 out right by churning out content?


wrote a script for a short film, I’m working on my second draft for it. Hopefully we start filming in march or april


drawing comicssss. no particular story but it’s something to keep me busy!

(psst follow my insta if you wanna see :stuck_out_tongue:)


I’m doing paintings and I’ll try to sell them, I’ll see what happens. I’ve got also some other ideas in mind.


im usually writing songs but I also started doing calligraphy which is pretty cool


I have six videos I’m editing, my twitch channel, two podcasts that I’m waiting to see if the people I’m working with are willing to fund, a website that I have neglected since my wife was first sick, and of course, helping my wife in recovery from her emergency surgery last week.

Kane out.


I’ve been doing a lot, actually. I don’t have much free time but when I do I work on my art, write music (lyrics and melody), and come up with ideas for bits. It’s a lot but I’m enjoying it.


I am creating youtube videos on my Channel BrosTV:

I have around 19.000 subs


A lot. I’m already starting up my YouTube, then I still write poetry (sometimes music), draw, do my blogging stuff (writing a post, editing/creating graphic thing), I am already listing byte ideas, taking care of my social media stuff, idk, just keeping myself alive,

And also, a part time job that I am on right now.


starting to produce music and draw/doodling a lot. Basically what I do in all my free time lol, but there isn’t much of it…


What’s your short film about?


Do you record yourself singing?


Dang man, how do you maintain enough energy to do so much?


Nice, how many videos did it take to yet 19,000 subs?


Around 900 Videos


Music project calling it Sunset In Babylon


I would like to say I’m just naturally energetic, but it’s actually more because if I let myself think about the current situation, I’d collapse into a ball of anxiety and tears. So instead, I drown out the hurt by never taking the time to deal with my emotions. You know, like an adult.


I’m making Instagram videos kind of what I want to do on Byte. @michaelragnow if you’re interested.


Much of life consists of distracting yourself from the bad things with the good things


Checked out your stuff. Sleep deprivation vid was my favorite lol

Followed you :+1: