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What is your ultimate goal for v2


I was just wondering, what is it that you truly wish to accomplish on the new v2? Everyone wants the fame and glory, but what do you want thats different?

What are you using V2 for? What is your final goal?

I actually used to love Vine, so first of all I want this to be successful and be full of good artists. Then yeah, I’d like to share and connect with people doing vines but that’s not as important for me I think


Less toxic community (unlike Instagram, which has drama happening left & right), more friends, & equal recognition


more friends, to have fun, share my content with others, live a double life without people knowing that I’ll be on v2


Make people happy


Mainly just to have fun with it :smile:


I want to create things that will make people happy :slight_smile:


First of all gain friends, connect with people all around the globe and entertain people. But also experience many great things and just get into something that I truly love


I just want to have fun. I don’t have any ultimate goal for followers or loops or anything, I just want something to enjoy and I want to hear about other people enjoying my stuff as well


i want to accomplish the task of filling the void in my heart with nights of binge watching vine <3 lmfaooo


I truly want to express my creativity. And also watch other people get creative with shorts videos :joy:


Similar to @christyonce 's response :yum:


re-learn how to be social…,
…and be funny


To finally have a place for those random “That’s funny, I should make a video of that” thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I want to make a whole bunch of smaller videos, but they don’t amount to much when they’re five or ten seconds. That’s about it. Fame and fortune don’t really play into what I’m going to use the app for.


My ultimate goal is to entertain. I want to build a community that grows together.


I actually wanna join v2 to build my own confidence. I’m a shy person who hates her own face sometimes. But maybe I can overcome my shyness by singing and doing silly things for 6 seconds at a time!


To motivate myself to create more content in all social media aspects! It feels like a good starting point for a future in entertainment!


I just wanna have fun… that’s my goal do what i want and be happy with it.


Be Successful,Make new friends, Launch my acting career, Be happy


I want to see if I’m able to create daily content & entertain people consistently :blush: That would be awesome!!