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What is Your Most Nostalgic Moment/ Year of Your Life?


Just Wondering. Feel free to share :smiley:


I like they way it feels October, like for some reason it really feels nostalgic to me.


i know what you mean, the breeze and leaves and just knowing that your there(sorry if i don’t make sense, i’m trying to be deep):sweat_smile:


When ever I smell a certain brand of laundry detergent it makes me think of my childhood


for me, it’s when the wind blows on a cool spring day after it’s rained, and it’s not sunny because the clouds are covering the sun, but the air smells so crisp and feels so clean that you can’t help but sit down for a few minutes and let your mind wander back to muddy shoes and spilled ribena and crinkley jackets and jumping into puddles after a long day of multiplication tables and fingerpainting.

you can practically smell the acrylic of the paint and feel the mud soaking your trainers and taste the air just sitting down with your eyes closed in the present, surrounded by the essence of a wistful chilly spring.

it’s everything. i hate getting nostalgic for many reasons but on those kinds of day, i don’t mind it.


Probably generally the time around Christmas when I remember unfortunate things that have happened around Christmas (pretty negative lol)


My birthday, all I ever got were clothes, a pair of shoes here & there or money. My next birthday will probably be like that too


I took a trip up to NY a few years ago, and that trip has really stuck with me. The combination of a snowy sky and the amazing scenery was so amazing. I listened to tons of music on the drive up there so every time I hear that music it reminds me of the trip :blush:


That’s exactly what I mean :grin::grin:


a little different but I always listen to the same or a similar playlist when going on a plane, so now every time I listen to a particular song from the playlist I think about flying. it’s a very cool feeling when songs give you nostalgia


I like winter mostly but summer always reminds me when I found the time to be able to go out with friends to the beach, around town etc.