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What if byte flops?


I’ve been so hyped for the app but what if what happened to vine happens to byte and it flops?


when life gives you lemons and byte flops you flip it and make some flip flops


I cant :joy::joy::joy:

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I dunno…what if Donald Trump gets reelected? :man_shrugging:


I highly doubt it will, Dom is a genius, his very aware that TikTok is around and that he has a lot of competition on other social media’s to. Hence why it’s taking so long, sometimes slow and steady wins the race! And plus we just have to make the most of a new opportunity and if it’s not meant to be then it’s not meant to be… but I have a good feeling about byte and I think it will be worth the wait! #dontgiveup just remain positive and when the app comes out have fun with it and enjoy yourself and success will follow. The last thing you want is to only do it for fame, because it will be very obvious and you will be ingenuine. Good luck all :crossed_fingers:t2:and remain positive :raised_hands:t2::slightly_smiling_face::innocent:


Vine didn’t just flop. There were some things that kind of went downhill in terms of monetization if I can remember correctly. That kinda started a butterfly effect on other things. Dom had mention once before that he’s working on what wasn’t perfect with vine.
If anything, it wouldn’t flop for the same reasons.


That’s gonna be very hard to do since tiktok is only going upwards…thought I’m interested to see it play out.

It all comes down to the community and how well the app would be received amongst users

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I don’t feel this way. There’s nothing certain but let’s just do our best.

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Dom says he doesn’t care about the reach of the app, as long as the people using it are satisfied.


then it flops and we move on? lol


You gotta look at the positives my friend. People will be all over us because we are the official successors to Vine. It’s just because the app hasn’t been released yet that people don’t know. Trust me, it won’t flop. Best Believe!!! #bytefam

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If it flops, its time to flip.

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That’s like my biggest fear. Sitting on these forums for over a year hyped up just to be disappointed in the end. Even if the app is great, will he sell to twitter again just for it to be destroyed like V was? I still don’t even understand why twitter got its hands on it in the first place.

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Even if it happens the knowledge gained from it we can use on other platforms. Another FB, Youtube, and snapchat will come its way in due time

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