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What I'd Hope To Achieve With byte


Um…the people in UK speak english…

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Besides the main English speaking countries as I mentioned… (America,UK,Australia.etc…)

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Says that in the first post



Maybe Byte can make breakout creators from all over the world and make social media more…social and inclusive :blush:



eyyy love the sound of that! lets hope so!



Think part of the reason why english speakers are so popular is everyone around the world is learning english. Not everywhere around the world are people learning the various languages in the middle east, such as arabic, or farsi. I don’t think lack of collabs is the problem, but it could based on the situation of the country they’re living in too. Don’t know much about the middle east, but I’ve heard Yemen is very poor, so I don’t think becoming a content creator is at their top of their list of things they want to pursue as they have more important things to focus on as individuals. As far as moving to LA I don’t think that’s as necessary as getting into things early. If you were on IG, Snap, or Vine, when it first came out and knew how to make money off of it, you’ll make it. Of course that’s easier said than done. That’s just my 2 cents



yea i pretty much would agree with that…it all comes down to you and how you manage yourself



facts (8char))

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