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What fresh content are you looking for on byte in 2019?


Because we’re aware people have been talking about how they don’t want the same types of videos so what videos would you rather see?


I’m looking for amazing content made by the amazing people on the forums

probably comedy and those cool edits


I’m looking forward to the amazing content that will be made by the amazing people on these forums.


I’d like to see some unique videos, maybe comedy, illusions and VFX.


Random comedy


I’m looking for some good comedy and some good memes. And I mean real comedy. Not lele pons comedy.


I’m looking forward to creators making fun content. And being authentic without the “family friendly” filter. More viral memes and dope collaborations.


All the original content!


anything i can use to edit funny content :yum:


I like art videos and I think I might try to post my own of my paintings- like a super fast time lapse haha


Really funny spontaneous Bytes !!! They get me going


Would you be interested in submitting a time lapse painting for the byte commercial ?


Yes! I actually sent one to the byte project email a few days ago!


For bigger and better shavacados


fresh memes


a l l the memes


I appreciate it


maybe cover songs, 7 seconds freestyles, singing and comedy which I want to do


I don’t want fresh content I only want to see that video of peter griffin falling down.


We all love good laughs. So I will say that it’s for the comedy and memes. And also a lot of different talents.