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What features do you expect from Byte?


Any ideas? I know many people have good ideas so lets hear!


i want them to change to logo its so messy vine was simple and cute, byte with all these weird colors and the triangles, idk how i feel about it, who agrees with me??


Basically most of the stuff from vine. Maybe there can be a feature where like once a month you can submit your best vine to the curators so smaller creators can have some way to compete


I don’t like to much the triangles


SAME i just like it to be (b) with a good font without any triangles


would love to be able to go live and add Hashtags to videos


Ooohhh, live videos. I think they won’t add that right off the bat but in time they could get something going.


Every platform got live now, wonder how byte would be different


Tbh as long as the stop-motion capability is there, and looping is seamless, it’ll fulfil everything I need. Amazing that there’s no other app that has managed to fill the gap for creating animations easily on mobile since Vine left us.