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What does Byte do that's new?

Just curious because I was talking to someone about the app and they asked what Byte does that’s new. I came to the realization that apps like Instagram and Twitter were very creative and fresh for their time, v*** was a unique platform created for short ways of showing art and comedy, and Tik Tok added features like duets, filters, music and stuff, and my friend was talking about how these new features are what made their platforms so popular and different, which got me thinking about what Byte really does.

Is there any features that Byte has that are game-changing? Is it just a rehash of Vine? I wanna hear your guys’ thoughts.



I feel like byte is continung where vine left. Idk Dom, but I’m he wanted the app to last more than a couple of years.


I would say it’s not about what it does differently than vine, but more so what it does differently than any other app out there. Currently, there is no alternative app for small content. Yes, tiktok… but that isn’t really a platform for originality (no offense to anyone on there lol) why Vine is still so beloved is because there hasn’t been another app made quite like it. If there was another app that had, Vine would be forgotten. Byte will be a continuation yes, but it will still be big.


Without Vine there are no super-short video platforms anymore. Instagram and TikTok have the shortest videos at one minute, but there are no 6-second video platforms that are successful right now. While this concept is no longer new, as it was for Vine, it doesn’t exist anymore, so Byte will fill that niche once again.

It’s a bit too early to say what Byte will do that’s unique, there are still lots of features that will be added as the beta continues. Also, the kind of community Byte attracts could also make it unique compared to other apps. Time will tell.