What do you prefer? Doritos or Cheetos

  • Doritos
  • Cheetos

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But the REAL question is, if you prefer

  • Puffy Cheetos


  • Crunchy Cheetos


Damn! In my city they dont sell that.

I only know these type of Cheetos :point_down:t3::point_down:t3::point_down:t3:



Doritos are the best


I do not like any of the two but if I have to choose I prefer the Doritos, I hate the smell of cheetos


It’s pretty obvious to me
And in two days. I’ll be getting my braces off, and I will come for revenge after 3 years of suffering from braces!


Specific flavour, flaming hot Cheetos are best. In general probably Doritos


KURKURE, LAY’S, BINGOS will be the best for me😁


Same here.


They don’t have Cheetos in many places in the UK but I’ve tried them before and they’re not so great. Wotsits are like the UK equivalent but they’re much less crunchy and have a nicer taste, so I prefer those.


Welpppp. Looks like I’m the only LOSER who chose Cheetos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




Doritos all day! :jack_o_lantern:


Doritos for sure


Doritos 4 lyfe.


Hot Cheetos, Sounds good :laughing:


Kurkure,Bingo? What is that? Are they good?


Iam in a similar situacion, in my country they only seel one type of Cheetos


Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nice wall :ok_hand:t3: