What do you guys think of Shane Dawsons series?


Honestly, I have a theory that Logan Paul created the suicide forest as a whole publicity stunt. I could be wrong though, what do you guys think so far about their parents?


Loads of people are saying that! But why would he want bad publicity? He was more liked than Jake before it happened. Also, he was quite popular when it happened.


I think we all have sociopathic tendencies


True, but honestly who knows at this point. I’m just ready for the new episode tomorrow


if i hear or read the word sociopath one more time this year im going to commit sudoku

(p.s: happy mental health day)


I don’t get why people watch it. It gives them more attention even though he showed a dead body there is no excuse I wish every stopped talking about them.


It focuses on Jake (his brother), not Logan.


I love Shane Dawson, tbh both the Paul’s aren’t right. I used to like them on vine but now the world knows the people that they are. Theres plenty of footage of them showing seriously concerning behaviors. We all know logan and Jakes behavior but one video that deeply concerned me was a vine where jake is hanging over a high drop (dangerously high) just for a vine and doing push ups. It is very clear that they both have ego problems and that they would do anything to elevate themselves to get further attention and stardom. (I’m not perfect either so I don’t want to seem judgmental but as someone who has followed them since 2013 and watched quite a bit of their content they clearly don’t care about anyone but themselves)


That vine scared me. And Logan pissed me off. I would never film my brother doing that.


I think it’s good, but the editing makes it look like a horror show.


I agree 100% with everything. i remember liking their videos during the Vine era


Honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the second episode of the series. It was waaayyyy too dramatic for it to be taken seriously imo.


It’s a really interesting series for a really good purpose. Love it!


Honestly I am hooked rn…just caught up with the last episode :sob: I think it’s just the editing that makes it so wow


i like it


After watching some of it, I have come to the conclusion that I am a sociopath. :slight_smile:


Unless you’re joking, please don’t self-diagnose yourself. That’s a pretty big thing to say, and mental health issues are not easy for anyone to live with.

If you think you may be suffering from any mental health diseases, I strongly advise you to visit the Samaritans website (https://www.samaritans.org/) or speak to someone that can help.

You are not alone.


hey this reminds me to watch the recent video😈 i’m liking it so far, although i don’t like the paul brothers. i love shane, i’ve been watching him for about 8 years now😁 he has REALLY up gamed his videos now