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What conspiracy theory would ruin your life if it was real?


Everyone is saying simulation theory and I don’t think I heard of it before so I’m about to watch some conspiracy videos and prob scare myself lmaoo


Genetically modified foods to keep the population passive. That would be scary.
Also Area 51 and how alien life has changed the course of history. That would mess me up mentally.



haha good luck falling down THAT rabbit hole


One reason I’ve heard from flat earthers is that the agencies that are supposedly hiding the shape of the world are “trying to hide us from God” because they think the Bible supports the flat earth theory. I always just remind them that there are plenty of globe-earth Christians.


Yeah, if there’s any conspiracy theory that would really affect my life if it was true, it’d probably be the simulation theory. I’m personally convicted that God created humans, the world we live in, the heavens, etc. If life really was a simulation, that would really turn my world upside down.


If the simulation theory and the flat earth theory turned out be true, it would completely ruin my life.