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What conspiracy theory would ruin your life if it was real?


what conspiracy theory would turn your life upside down or you will never look at the world the same if it is proven to be real???

for me it’s the simulation theory :cold_sweat:


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Let’s be serious, My life would be changed if they said that time traveling is nowadays possible.


For me, it’s the simulation theory as well. That is some freaky stuff.


What @annam and @Tatyana said, the simulation theory’s pretty scary when you actually think about it.


Simulation theory


I kinda want most conspiracy theories to be real, except for the simulation theory. That scares me.


everybody underestimates the ability to completely revive the dead. that would ruin many things.

“we’re they ripped from heaven/hell?”


Definitely simulation theory. But also the flat earth theory. Like that would mean that every single huge agency out there made up this theory that the earth is a globe. Would be wild


probably that there’s an illuminati controlling everything. that the concepts we have of freedom, happiness, and life are all fabricated and not real. that they’re used to control and fool us and the world is an empty void, ruled only by the lucky and heartless.

that’s my fear lol


If we were a simulation but we all still have contagiousness and free will would it really change anything?


idk just the thought that nothing really matters because it’s a simulation and my entire life and this entire world is merely a fake reality that doesn’t amount to anything terrifies me


Consciousness * and I agree every one would probably freak out or something.


But of all the things to lie to us about, why the shape of the Earth? Like there’s literally nothing to gain lmao


but that’s what makes it scary because that mystery of what if there is something to hide, it must be huge then
bigger than the two elephants holding the earth i presume :fearful:


LMAO as I was typing my reply, I was wondering the same thing :joy: like idk why governments would wanna fake the actual shape of the earth. There must be some reason behind why flat earthers think the government is hiding the “true” shape of the earth who knows


If birds are real


Octopi are aliens and so are squids.


Yeah, the simulation one would be horrible. If your atheist, Christian, Jewish, etc…, if that was true, then it really wouldn’t even matter what you are. All we would be are just lines of really complicated code in a fabricated universe that our makers would even care about :thinking:


i dont know but i still worry again today… the 3rd world war with bomb nuclear