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What are your top 5 most favourite films of all time?


Hey now!


Art School Confidential, love that movie! I went to art school. It was pretty much the exact same minus the campus strangler. :smile:


I love Marl Car Paul Blart


1 Ferries buller
2 Lair Lair
3 Ace Ventura
4 Most of Spider-Mans movies
5 break fast club
I would put a lot more

  1. Gangs of Wasseypur {both}
  2. The wolf of Wall Street
  3. Catch Me if you can
  4. Manto
  5. Raman Raghav 2.0

  1. aristocats (i can recite every line)
  2. the pacifier (can recite this one by heart too, plus, good charlotte plays)
  3. cruel intentions (young sarah michelle gellar and reese witherspoon ugh)
  4. seven pounds (keep this move so close to my heart)
  5. mulan (the baddest biss in all the land)

i have way more but these are the ones i’ve seen over 20 times


1.) The Fly (1986)
2.) Metropolis (1927)
3.) Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
4.) Fantasia (1940)
5.) Back to the Future (1985)

The first three had other movies with the same name so I put the years there. Haha and by that point, I thought it’d look weird if I didn’t put the years for the other two. It’s weird that only two of those (3 and 5) are comedies though, since all of my own creative content has been for giggles.


The Pacifier will never get old.

  1. Cory in the house
  2. The bee movie
  3. Anime was a mistake
  4. Cory in the house
  5. Did i mention cory in the house?


The pacifier is so underrated


Wow. That’s a lot of movies.


I’d say these

  1. Erin Brocovitch (I probably spelled that wrong)
  2. Ratatouille
  3. It’s a Wonderful Life
  4. Iron Man 1
  5. Mr. Bean’s Holiday

The bottom 2 are all I could think of, but the top 3 are a definite.


Love little shop. I should have included that one.


i know right! i have the og cd that ive had since 2005 when i bought it.

it’s one of the few cds i have that doesn’t have a scratch on it because i take such good care of it.


it truly is. it’s so entertaining and wholesome


You seem like you were born in the 50s


Hahaha I can see why you’d think that. I went on an old movie kick for a long while and a lot of them really stuck with me. I think a lot of it has to do with how they integrated camera effects back then. It’s all super fascinating. Like, look at King Kong. Soooo many innovative techniques used there.

  1. Sourcecode
  2. The Mechanic
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody
  4. Narnia Prince Caspian
  5. Spykids 3



You’re top 5 is very good!


Don’t agree with Starwars but the rest of your list is Gold :ok_hand: