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What are your thoughts on Apex Legends?


Have you guys played Apex Legends? It’s a new Battle Royale that was recently released and it’s so good, so much fun and fresh.

If anyone wanna play and constantly die hmu :facepunch: add me on ps4 as: YessChacin


Interested enough to check it out.
Does the game feel fast paced (if you’ve played it)


This time I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a though. I didn’t know about Apex Legends


It is, map is huge but you get to see people very often and at the beginning you get some areas highlighted in blue that are for people who love to jump right into the action and die.


It released yesterday and it’s been pretty fun and getting a lot of attention


Never heard of it until now, gonna check it out.


you should try out Realm Royale :ok_hand:


heard nothing but good things about this
recently completely quit Fortnite so planning on trying this out


This game is great fortnite officially has competition


Ikr! I love fortnite, but it’s getting so repetitive that I only play creative puzzle or death run maps with my friends, creative is so much fun.


My thoughts on the game is that it’s pretty good but will end up like realm royale in which it will be popular for about a month or two and everybody will eventually forget about it.


I will try it


That bottom guy reminds me of Speed O’ Sound Sonic from One Punch Man lol


Never played it before but it looks pretty cool. Might try it out at some point…


my opinion:
the game is like if bo4 and s**t made a game, they made this.

titanfall wtf have you done bro