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What are your opinions on the music industry right now?

do u think that the music that’s popular at this point in time is any good? little weird? tell me your thoughts down below xx


The music industry has changed a lot because of the internet in my opinion. Now, literally anything can be the ‘next hottest thing’ or ‘next hottest artist’ when we forgot that Pitbull is the hottest thing and artist to live.


I miss the 2000s. I grew up with noughties pop and it saddens me to see everything riddled with auto tune.


not a fan of it. only artist i rlly listen to is NF


Queen will forever be the best rock band to exist


I listen to a lot of rock. Nirvana, Queen, Cage the Elephant. I like some old and mordern pop too. Not too crazy about rap though, just not my thing.


majority of everyone in the music industry right now is hella overrated


shut up JT sucks

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Panic! At The Disco has been releasing amazing music for, well, EVER, and Brendon Urie is an amazing human being. Some will say he’s over rated, but I’m glad he’s getting some recent, well deserved recognition :heart:


We actually think in the last few months the music industry has been blasting us with new and awesome tunes! :grinning::boom::notes:

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shut your mouth you delusional fool


The music industry has changed a lot. If you pay attention from the early 2000s to early 2010s the music is very similar. People had strategic methods for the music that was being made back then, but it had a purpose. Nowadays, everything is over the top while looking for a purpose. Everything that is more authentic is categorized is smaller and less popular categories which makes mainstream sounds less authentic and more modern


I haven’t listened to much of todays music. But from the few songs i have heard there is a lot of mumble rap which doesnt sound that great and synthesizers which is not bad but different from what i listen to. I mainly like 50s and 60s music so even 80s music is meh imo. Lol

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Older music, specifically 90s- mid 2010s is my favourite, on the other hand, today’s music industry may have talent, but a lot of music or specific songs are way overplayed. I like some of the music that’s out, but most of it just doesn’t resonate with me. It’s all up to personal preference.