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What are u looking forward to Byte?


If Beta 2 has completed its job (hopefully this week), it will most likely release within the 3rd or 4th week of May right before Summer begins. Any thoughts u wanna add to it?:stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno we haven’t received any news on when Phase 2 is out … :sob:… I’ve waited for so longggg I just wanna begin already… I hope too we are getting it late May … but no news yet …


I believe maybe June are July we could get the full release


all i hope is that it comes out after may 23 which is when i write my last exam


Nooo that’s too early we still waiting on the 2nd beta


Yeah, I’m with you Chuck, gonna be June or July…


Let’s just wait, it will eventually come to us


This would mean that they would miss their planned Spring launch ! I really don’t want that :sob:


The last day of Spring is June 21st. We’ll probably be in BETA for the rest of May. And have a release the first week of June.

They work so hard for us…no shortcuts. We’ll have to be patient regardless.


I dont want to be the one to say it but this is a duplicate topic :disappointed:

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to become possibly famous and redeem myself

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I’m honestly just hoping it’s a smooth and seamless as vine felt. Vine always felt easy to make so I had to find different ways to use such a simple way of filming to create something dumb or unnecessarily elaborate or meaningless for the sake of just doing it. I miss those times


Honestly I’m just looking forward to being a first adopter on this app.I know I’ve said that a lot, but if I had been first on vine, like I will be on here, the chances of following my dreams I know is a lot higher. Wish I had done the same for Youtube. Was on it when it was only in its 2nd year

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