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What age are you? (POLL)


Awwwww you go girl!!! Happy birthday hope you’re enjoying it!! Much love :heart:


Pretty sure TomWho is in that range ( not calling him an old man :joy:)


I feel old now… :laughing:


18-24 crew till I die!


this is disturbing considering u would have to die before age 25 to be considered a part of the “18-24 crew” for life


Thank you :blush:


Thank you :pray:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Oops I meant to select 12-17 not 12-


I feel like I’m too young for this app as I’m in the 12-17 years old range and everyone else on these forums are literally like 24


I post on and I have kids commenting: ‘What’s a 24 year old doing posting videos?!’ I Thank them for thinking I’m 24… I’m in the 35-44 range! :joy:


sheesh. This definitely hit me. :cry:


I had all these snotty teenagers making the same rude comments on my vines, they need to learn to respect their damn elders. :wink:


I’m 21 but my hair is almost white already :skull:


:joy: That’s right! You’re in Vancouver. I’m on the East Coast in Fredericton, New Brunswick. :canada:


Old enough;)


It’s good that the forum community is diverse in age.


I feel old. :joy::joy:


I changed my mind, I’m too old… I’d like to be forever young :cry:


in the 1% thats under 12 xdd