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We need to thank dom for this big opportunity


We really need to thank dom again for giving us another opportunity with v2, because when vine was out I really
Didn’t use it as much, but this time its go on with v2 :joy::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Yeah haha. I never really make any Vines and regretted it when it shut down. Glad we’re getting another chance to shine! :smile:


Same I didn’t really know about vine and downloaded it the DAY BEFORE it shut down and really hated myself for not knowing about it soon. So excited about this second opportunity!


Thanks Dom!


Thank you Dom!


Thanks :heart:


Thank you domathan!


thank you dominic!


Thank you @dom inican Republic


ty dom
u da bes


:heart: love dom


Thank you so much Dom!!!


Thanks Dom, your’e cheering people up from all over.


I’m as excited as you are man


Thank you Dom!:blue_heart:


For real though, I was always watching vines but I was scared to make my own vines for fear of being judged by my friends.


Thank You Dom :blush:


Thank you dom


thank you dom


Thank you Dom