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Ways to make our byte account flourish?


Wanted to know a good video editing app and good ways to make our account, a account with good vibe


There are many topics on this


I used to use Splice, which is a video-editing app for iOS. It might be interesting to see if Dom and the team will include an editing feature from the Byte app or create another app specifically for editing videos in a way the Byte app will like.


I like iMovie, it is simple and easy to use.


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I use iMovie too but only on my phone because it’s easy to use and runs smoothly. On my laptop I use Filmora as it is super simple and I love it, check it out.




I use inshot but for quick cuts i use premiere pro on desktop


I use Final Cut Pro x in my MacBook Air because of the video and audio distortions and effects to make my videos and bytes more funnier


For short quick things I use iMovie


how would you edit on imovie? isnt that a computer editing software? but vine is on the phone (please answer im very curious)


@DameFitz iMovie is an apple editing app available on all apple prodcuts: iPhones, iPads, Macs…


ooo thank you


imovie is definitely the way imo i will also recommend a few othersI splice,video shop,vidlab alot of ppl used these apps to make their vines


I use Adobe Premier pro for all editing


So much better than Avid Media Composer!


i used a simple app on my iPad called Cute Cut for making vines and will continue for byte. also would use iMovie on ipad for other features


If you create content on a different website, I’d continue making that, but just condensing it.


I use Videoleap on my iPhone