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Want to be famous?


Yes, they probably do love what they’re doing, however I can guarantee you that a large number of your creators you see nowadays were in it for the big bucks, and there is nothing wrong with that. Wanting to do v2 just for fame isn’t a bad thing. YOU might want to use it for fun, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is only using it for fun. My point is, people that are saying they’re just doing it for fun are the ones I see replying to topics like ‘How to get v2 famous’, ‘when to upload’, etc… They’re just on all these ‘promotion’ topics, so they’re clearly in it for fame too, they’re just too scared to say it.



I think what @pontus was referring to was people begging for fame and whatnot without necessarily doing anything to garner that fame?

There’s definitely a lot of talk about wanting to be famous without really talking about what one wants to be famous for. “I want to make it big and move to XYZ” gives a different vibe vs “I want to become a famous singer” or “I want to be a successful comedian”.

99% of the general population would love to be famous so the simple want isn’t going to make you special. Creating original content/having (or cultivating) talent, as @pontus has said and having a solid branding/marketing strategy, as @rickymontgomery has advised, will!



at the same time though, you do you lmfao



There is nothing wrong in wanting to be “famous”. Dream Big. just have good intensions I hope.

Also to the people who want to use the app for fun and don’t want to be “famous” (such as I) why is it necessary to tell others not to have a dream to become famous? Just because we don’t want to, (or secretly do want to and pretend like we don’t) Why can’t others? Everyone has their own dreams mate, let them be. you have your own.

Also u will not be worth less or fake if you want to be famous, and for sure your content will be original. Don’t let comments like this crush the hopes and dreams inside of you, the ones that drive you.

My question is, Why is it wrong to want to be famous? just answer that.

(I would low-key love to be famous and have the attention towards my content) (u don’t have to)



bruhhhhh, I feel you. Like what you said.

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Also like, shouldn’t it be about fun? Like most of have social media for well, being social. Since when it always a popularity game? Man just have fun with stuff, the min your not having fun, it becomes work. :frowning:



Gotta side with you :grinning:

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Absolutely correct.
Be organic. Be original. Fame will come… and it won’t be what you feel like it should be.

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Agree,just make good content and something that your viewers can enjoy:Be yourself

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Sounds like you’re going on a little bit of a rant, which is fine… but it’s good to have goals and to set them. Maybe people know they’re worth and are just asserting it. I’m not hating because we have our own opinions but I like that people have this kind of mind set.



Agreed. I’ve left every single v2 groupchat because the only topic is how they will become famous from v2. It’s exhausting. If you’re only rooting for v2 to become famous off of it…



Needed this!! thank you





Actually I wanna be famous on Byte like comedy and music wise



Preach, on this.




If you care about being famous it won’t happem



lol idk why people get so upset that other people want to be famous



This is true , if people know that they will work hard and grind to become famous than there should not be a problem or a reason to slate them.

Deep down everyone wants to become famous and that is a fact ! Who would say no to that …



Strongly agree with you.



I rather not be famous too much responsibility comes with it

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