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[Vote] Should we allow fashion and beauty?


We all know that Instagram has all kinds of fashion and lifestyle influencers… There is already some talk from them of leaving instagram because of the recent algorithm changes. Question is, would V2 be a home for them as well? Or should this be a place mainly for comedy/humor/music? Share your thoughts!


If they can do it in 6.5 seconds they are more than welcome


“allowing” is out of the question,

here we will not disallowing any group of people, genre, or people in specific

but yes, they will be posting here, just like everyone else, i am sure.


I would not want the app to have this category, because all those people with the ego bigger than them from will make v2 a bad thing :confused:


Well it wouldn’t be fair to exclude a group due to their interests. Regardless of what your personal views on these ‘Insta Models’ are, at the end of the day everyone deserves an equal shot. Let’s say a philistine doesn’t want artists on V2. It wouldn’t be fair to kick artists off just because of some peoples preferences. I think the real question is what would they be able to do in 6.5 seconds? :face_with_monocle:

Politics and V2

They’re not hurting anyone, at least that I know of. The simple answer is, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it.


V2 should be an app for everyone and it will be :slight_smile:


Heck, people are gonna post whatever they feel like on V2, so sure, I don’t see why not haha it’s a new start so everything is welcome :smile:


That is true :joy: I might do a few makeup tutorials but I’m not really that good with makeup & I only use foundation haha. I also have sensitive skin so it’s hard to find products that aren’t irritating


I will most definitely be posting my makeup looks in V2 :grin:


I dont really see a reason why it shouldn’t be allowed . as long as they’re doing what they like, and not hurting anyone, it should be alright !!


Yeah, go for it! And over time you’ll get better and better which will show in your content! :smile: I think bareMinerals and Clinique are made for allergy prone skin. I don’t suffer from it tho so I’m not too sure


I use bare minerals though, I think Almay works too


Yeah, there’s also ‘La Roche Posay’ too. I’ve used there Effaclar kit and that was really good


I might try that too


If they can figure out a way to rock the 6.5 second videos while showing off their fashion or beauty, then I think that it can become a great home for them to share their content.


It would actually be really interesting to see this kind of niche to come into fruition in the app.


ye, maybe allow was not the best choice of words… encourage sounds better?


UH DEFINITELY! I am a beauty youtuber/instagrammer and I plan to bring all my content over to V2. It will be difficult with the time limit but it is possible!


Are you talking about putting in some social media content about fashion or promoting sites like I would say yes to first ones, as it’s information that people brings to people, but i wouldn’t like to see the second part. Advertisement is cancer in most if the times.