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Voice Chat makes me more hyped


Make no mistake, I was already liking how Byte was going. Knowing that I can be treated like a president/god for about fifteen minutes because of Obama impression, though? Very positive and upbringing and wholesome! This community is already very good to me, and obviously other people because there are a couple thousand here at least.

I am so hyped for this app to reach me and also other people someday. Thanks for giving me the chance.

i cannot wait to do more videos


I was impressed

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Hype 4 byte and happy birthday


Please do more Obama impressions on Byte!


president mobamba really went in on vc


thanks, i’m usually available in the late evenings so i’ll be bakk.


Super hyped to see u make videos

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Voice chat is always hype <3


This community is DA BEST! But I gotta here that Obama impression bro. lol

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They’re making voice chat with byte or something?


No, we’re just on the Discord a lot. Sorry, I didn’t check until after the post to see if I was allowed to mention the Discord server.

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Oh, okay cool.