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Just a lil point.

In my opinion the confusion caused by the #vids category should be avoided by removing the category.

It’s never had much substantial use, and most of the time anything in it just gets recategorised to #promote-yourself anyway.

in the “Category and Etiquette Clarification” thread it says " Just remember if you plan on promoting your work, use promote yourself. Come to this category for advice and pure sharing of your (or others’) beautiful videos."

I think that posting it is promotion, ie that everything in vids should go into promote yourself. It feels like #vids is more of a sub-category than anything else, and that all it does is confuse new users!

Feel free to let me know what you think.


yeah, I agree. Any video someone posts on here will always be in the promote yourself category anyway, so it would save confusion for new comers.


as i’ve said before, i see the Vids category as a place people can show any video is isn’t theirs.

people use off topic instead, for instance when showing a trailer to a new movie and ask what everyone thinks…that should be put into Vids, not off topic.

edit: people use off topic a lot. there’s been many opportunities where Vids can be used :sweat_smile:


I agree with the statement


Yeah I see what you’re saying with the fact that it’s a problem but I don’t think we should fully integrate these two categories but rather change the name of the #vids category to something a bit more specific so people don’t get confused.


Why you got to do #vids dirty like that, but I get what you mean and almost of the time YouTube videos are put in to promote your self or the YouTube and other services

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It just causes too much confusion for how little it’s actually used


I agree hah

Haha yeah there’s only like 32 topics in there


i agree! but my category had a good run :cry:

It did but it’s for the best <3


I think once Byte drops and the forums get flooded with new users…it’ll be a more useful topic.

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The problem is that it has no real use that another category doesn’t

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I’ve been saying this as well. Most of the Videos in Vids is self promotion anyways and it’s only causing confusion

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:thinking:okay that makes sense

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The removal of #vids wouldnt change anything most content that would go there is posted in #promote-yourself anyway so it would remove confusion for new users who pay attention to the rules

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If the heading to the uploaded vid,pic or post has what the topic is then it should be fine right? If not i wonder if we can get a drop down box or pop up asking if its your content or someone elses. Also maybe prompt users to check a box so the post is moved to where it belongs despite the catagory they choose. If it needs reviewed maybe a measure of how sensitive it is with mods/user supervisors to double check every once in a while?

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I’m bumping this because it’s been lost by time, and literally everything in it is still valid. All the posts in #vids fit better in either #promote-yourself or #youtube-vine-instagram-etc.

I do like the original idea behind it, but like has been discussed before, I think it should either be removed or made into a subcategory!


gonna have to disagree, once again. it’s valid. they wouldn’t fit into promote yourself or youtube and other services, if you read what those categories are for

most people don’t know how to use it correctly.


I’m the only one confused bout it :joy:

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