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Video Editors


What video editor are you going to use? Let’s hope the in-app v2 editor is good!


Used to use sony vegas, but now I’m using premiere pro (+after effects if needed)


Idk if we have one yet, but I hope so! :crossed_fingers:


I hope we gon be able to upload from our camera roll but not right at the beginning because the app be flooded with old vines.


I use Final Cut Pro X but on my phone I use Videoleap


after effects 2018


instashot lmao. I don’t have a computer


Editors will get screwed that way tho


Well, we gon be okay, I just don’t want to see vines from 2014 right when I sign up on byte.


if you don’t like old vines, you won’t be forced to see them. algorithms are your friend


Hopefully I won’t have to laugh my a** off on Lele Pons being the most authentic Latina on the internet.


I’m a noob, I used iMovie but I want to try new apps.


U can try Microsoft stuff


I was going to use Filmora, but my dad’s friend offered me his licence for Adobe CS6. Can’t wait to use Premiere Pro.


I’m just wondering if we gon have thumbnails


Filmora, Final Cut, and/or Byte’s editing system. Whatever is most convenient and easiest to work around with great results!


Wondershare Filmora is my program of choice. Super intuitive, money well spent. One license let’s you use it on two machines. So if I’m out and about with my laptop, I have the same functionality as when I’m at home on my super machine.


Exactly! It’s pretty easy to use and it works well for me. When I get my MacBook I feel like I might transition to FinalCut just because, but using Filmora for Mac would seem beneficial too.


Filmora 8char


Premiere pro on desktop and kinemaster on Android