Valentines Day 2018


I would like to wish you all a very happy valentines day. Spend time with your loved ones including family. Remeber you are loved. By the V2 community as well as by society. Love ya. BYE!
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I wish you a happy Valentine Day :heart: ! Anyone is single? I am :broken_heart: :laughing:


I am too, don’t worry :laughing:


@lumiere @ThomyBalca Me too. But I wish you love. <3


Thanks, you too :heart:


That’s sweet, i wish you the same :hugs:


happy valentines day! :stuck_out_tongue:


Forever alone. :disappointed:


Option one: become a monk or priest
Option two: become a v2er and get the person you like
Option 3: be yourself and they will come to you.

None of these worked with me and I forever alone will be, but maybe may work??..


If anyone still needs any Valentines date ideas, this article I have written might help you out:


Happy ValenVINES’s Day! Celebrate the day reminiscing with this article about vines + valentines!


I am to! :sob:


Happy Valentine’s Day all!!


lol I’m a single pringle it seems


Happy Valentine’s Day too you all too:heart: :purple_heart: :heart_decoration:


@insane hopefully they will come to you.


Single affff


Happy single awareness day.

I am eating my feeling.


@Tkwyoung kwyoung There should be a day for this. Maybe a week even. MUAHAHAH


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! :heartpulse: