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V2 Forums Team plays [Check out our second video uploaded to the UVA youtube channel]


Our previous podcast was a success and we decided to make a laid back video of us playing Skribble io

We will continue to make podcasts once a week and have other videos posted around those times.

Here is our latest video we made thanks to @Grunt for recording and editing: v2 Forums Team Plays


If you want to be apart of of the chats and games join our discord here:

Subscribe to the youtube channel so you don’t miss a video here:


Amazing vid!!!


Awesome vid…Nice Editing!

  • takes a bow for inventing hello copper :star2::helicopter:


hello copper :joy:


Hey, are you guys gonna do this again anytime in the future? I’d like to be a part of it, but missed out again as usual rats

idk just wanna know, thanks!!!


I was there for a little bit lmao


Uh hey I missed it again noice