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V2 For Dummies!


Go to messages in your profile and then find Discobot in the messages. From then follow what he says and do the task, if you can’t find out how to start just bookmark the post he made on his “greetings” and he will give you tasks in the comments.


Thanks! :))


So is there going to be a beta release i wish there is please if u have any oinfo please inform me i really want to know


Ok cool thansk


One of the best threads on here so far, thank you so much!


Yes the information here is very usefull


It’s so long i want ■■■■■


V*ne2 omg


Dom bless this thread👌




Damn. It would of been cool to have an option to either choose between preloaded or upload your own.


@dom will v2 have the reverse tool like before?


how useful! thanks so much for this


This is dope my dude, thanks!


True. But it’s most-likely to prevent people from posting crazy click-bait titles.


Thank you for letting us know this


Thank you for this! It’s actually super helpful! Lol.


Fantastic!! V2 LOVER! :heart:


Can you what this means because I have no clue, what’s the 8 categories mean, what’s 8char, what liscence and what’s the discobot, what are lvls


Sorry for the long response time, Sak!

The 8 (technically 9, if you include “uncategorized”) categories are the various “tags” that help sort out posts here on the forums. When you creating a new topic, select the category that best suits your post.

8char- The 8 character limit that you are required to reach in order to post a reply. Most users use the term “8char” in their reply in order to reach this limit. For example,

ikr :x:

I know right :white_check_mark:

ikr 8char :white_check_mark:

“liscence” *Licensed Badge - A forum badge that is given to you once you complete the advanced user tutorial by asking @discobot “start advanced user tutorial”

Discobot- @discobot is a forum bot that can perform certain tasks, like tutorials or rolling virtual dice. :wink: Click me!

“lvls” Levels- The user levels are a sign of how long or how trusted a user is. Level 1 being a new user. Level 2 being a general forum visitor.