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V2 For Dummies!


No, it isn’t. There’s not official date yet. Maybe soon we will know more about it.


and when the app comes out it will go off the charts its what people have been waiting.


will the videos be loops again?


Hopefully yes


Thanks for doing this!!


Most likely yes.


I compiled all the v2 info from the forums, Dom’s tweets, and my sources into this TechCrunch article “Here’s how Vine replacement v2 works”


Hey so i didnt get how to get beta access can you please expalin and before you ask yes id read the post about it


We don’t know about any type of beta yet, might not be one at all. If there were one we probably won’t know when it’s coming out.


I’d say just stay active on the forum. If there is a beta, it will (most likely) be announced on here.


Just started a thread on v2 press coverage. Yours is the first one featured!


Just wondering does V2 look more than 6 months out? Or do U think it will be closer


At least 6 months, here’s a tweet from dom:


So That can only mean spring or summer :smirk:?


Just to clarify are you saying there’s no way it will be out before 6 months?


He’s probably not giving it to everyone. Not everyone is guaranteed.


No it can be anytime from now to 6 months


Thank you


Alot are used too 2min max not 6.5


How do I do the advanced tutorial with discobot?