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V2 For Dummies!


Thanks, I’ll do it!


Hey! Topic limit has increased to 5 a day. :smiley: BUT I’m not sure if that’s for everyone always, or once you’re past your first 24 hours.


I stand corrected:


Sike (8char)


Nice post, this’ll be good for everyone new!


Where did you get that screencap from? Github? I cant find it anywhere :sob::sob:


It was from his twitter:


Oh gosh I am so naive, thank you.


Very informative and to the point. Thank you. :slight_smile:

As an avid user of the forbidden V*ne in the past, I’m excited to get active with this forum. :wink:


Is @ash post integrated in here?


ily bb :sob:


ily2bb :grinning::grinning:


This might be a dumb question, but would videos still be called “vines” or something else?


Probably not, the community would probably change it to something else. Here is a thread about that:


Just Wondering is it always “V2” or is that just a temporary name and there will be a new once for the release?


95% sure it will stay, he’ll go more in-depth into what the name means upon the release. I’m thinking “version 2.”


Ok cool I just don’t really think it flows just my thoughts


You appreciate this post @super Dave’s a bunch of time and I could just come back here for updates


Thank you for summing everything all up this is EXTREMELY helpful and filled with imformation. I cant wait to share this link on certain "dimmies’ threads.


Is March confirmed as a release date?