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V2 For Dummies!


Wait don’t flag this, I know this looks like the rules, guidelines and FAQ, but this is the basics that are not in there or are more simplified for the average reader and for new comers if they have missed out!

Hey, welcome to the V2 forums! If you are new and need to catch up here is some of the info we have gathered about V2 and the forums let me show you around!

Things to know about V2: (information from @dom)

  • It is called V2 and not the name that must be unspoken “v*ne”
  • Videos will be 6.5 seconds
  • Videos can be no less than 2 seconds
  • “Team” is a feature to collaborate with other artists as one
  • You can upload from your camera roll (yay editors)
  • Most likely full screen instead of a square
  • Gender pronouns as top level profile feature
  • Preloaded thumbnails on videos
  • Camera flipping while recording
  • No current release date or beta
  • No current reservations for usernames
  • Everyone is welcome! (Even old v*ners)
  • There are many fake twitter accounts but the official v2 accounts are :twitter:dom and :twitter:v2app

About the Forums:

  • We are called Artists/Creators
  • There are 8 categories, check them out by clicking the three bars in the top right corner
  • 8char means 8 characters and you need that many to send a post
  • To get your license you need to do the advanced tutorial with Discobot
  • Lvls are given not earned so be patient (don’t stress it’s not much you’re missing out on)
  • You may get flagged or deleted if you have posted something already posted or for foul language
  • You can only post 5 topics each day and depending on your level you can only post and like a certain amount of times check here for more
  • Respect the Moderators and Experts they try their hardest to keep this running smoothly


  • Want to get a closer look of the forums? Click here
  • Want to learn how to grow your account in the future? Click here
  • See other FAQ? Click here
  • More on teams? Click here
  • Want to collaborate with others? Click here
  • Creating a logo? Click here
  • Want to tell the community about your soon to be username? Click here
  • Say hi! Click here

I hope to see you around the forums and on V2 in the future!


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Im aware of all these things, but can you link/tell me where it was confirmed that there will be thumbnails for v2 videos.

Thanks - Dawx


Edit: Preloaded thumbnails so you can’t upload your own from your phone but most likely select a section from the video.


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Also link Forum FAQ/ Details and add other Experts, not only @Kaden respectfully please! If you need their @'s I will search for them


lol yeah just messin with him I’ll just remove his name and put all experts if that is fine?


Sure but I am sure it will change with time so be ready to update


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thanks for this, @super. i’ve pinned @kaden’s forum faq topic but i’m also going to pin this.



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any idea what “reserve username if signing up, not signing in” means?


Quality Thread. Good work!


Possibly means that when the app is released it will reserve the username when you sign up if it’s not taken, like putting it on a blacklist, so it can’t be taken by another person. And the “not for signing in” means so it doesn’t keep sending that username to the blacklist as you sign in every time. That’s my guess.


thanks bud


Great job putting this together!

One thing you could add is the fact that there’s no official Twitter right now besides Dom’s.