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V2 App competitor getting recognition


Theres this app I downloaded because of this Youtuber and it’s called OEVO!!! You make 7 second videos and I see that these people are getting paid to make to advertise this app and to use the app. It’s basically V2 or whatever the name will be. What will happen if V2 comes out too late and this app OEVO somehow gets big and becomes the V2. @dom what do you think of this app? Are you worried at all? And to everyone reading… please leave your thought on this


This is a big issue. I hope it gets dealt with immediately - I doubt it will get major or super popular. I think people will wait for V2 - HOPEFULLY. Let’s keep our hopes high and I believe that we can take down OVEO - The V2 community is too strong to be thrown to the floor.


The concern’s been brought up a lot in other topics, you can see what everyone else thinks here, but I doubt the app will have a long lifetime, they can’t pay their users forever


Agreed. They wont be able to pay for their users forever. I hope that this gets sorted out. The OEVO concept is probably to “become better than V2” which will never happen.


Not worried at all, people are going to oevo because somewhat famous people are telling them to, but when v2 comes out people will flock… i gaurantee.


Well, V2 needs to hurry up. I’m going nuts.


Even if OEVO gets some more recognition, it will probably not last. One of the great things about Vine was that people weren’t doing for money, just to make others laugh. OEVO definitely can’t pay their users forever, and no matter how much money you’re offered, it doesn’t mean your content is good.


Ah, but what you have to remember is that v2 is going to be more popular as soon as it launches. The real problem is how many bugs/issues/etc the app will have at launch, and how quickly they fix them. If v2 has too many issues, then people will gravitate to its competitors.
Its reception at release is the most important thing of all. So don’t worry about the popularity of competitors, just hope that v2 meets expectations when it launches.


It’s honestly not a “big issue” and does not need to be “dealt with immediately”

  1. it’s a new app so how would you “deal with it” and it is fair for it to be used by other people like ig or twitter. just because it’s similar to v2 does not mean it should be taken down. - that’s someone’s hard work!

  2. what issue is there? another competitor?


I totally agree with this. and the app mentions nothing about vine. or about being v2 so i dont think its a problem.

there are going to be many competition apps! V2 Just needs to come out asap so everyone doesnt go to apps like Oevo.


I tried it out since some old VINErs are promoting it. It seems very very rushed and a lot of things do not work. Also the app isn’t fluid and of course the servers they use are shit. I can tell that v2 will be the driving force… if only we can get @dom to focus on it lol


Old viners get paid to use and promote a rushed v2 competitor.

We’ll be fine.


Good point - but may not be used

I think you have a good point about bugs with the app.
Although - my father works at Sky. During their Italy NowTV launch - nothing worked within the Italy live footage. Since it was a brand new app the latest update corrupted the launch.

Now - it’s best to not pressurise the developers and to not be concerned. I doubt there will be many bugs. It will still work and I highly do not recommend joining other competitors they will not be able to compete with the currently small population of only the forums itself. The forums are still growing.


What I’m saying is that v2 will take the main spot without a problem. The developers don’t have to worry about that. What they should “worry” about is putting as much work that is needed to make the app a hit when it releases. I know they’ll succeed.

This is exactly what my previous post said.


Really? They think they’re sooooooo much better just because they have 7 seconds instead of 6.5? PSHHHHHH



From your poor prior post - I thought you were referring to “hopefully more people will join Oveo”

I respect your previous post and I hope that what you have posted will convince Oveo users to delete Oveo accounts.


Did you even read my post? Where did I say anything that alludes to:

I know you just joined these forums, but please make sure to thoroughly read a post before replying with repetitve/unrelated/unguided information. This isn’t the first time you’ve done this.


its ranking #186 in Social Networking

but on their twitter page they say they having issues with server so i guess they getting alot of people


This gaining momentum because they are advertising themselves as V2. I’ve seen of their stuff and they’re some dirty dogs.


They’ve also plagiarized the mobile game show idea from HQ