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Useful Discourse Plugins

Been using the official Discourse forum a bit, and I’ve come across some plugins that I think could be of use here! Some are things to give staff additional abilities, but mainly it’s stuff that could just overall give the forum a nicer and more interactive feel!

No, I don’t expect everyone to read this, since the only people that can do anything with plugins is staff/moderators, I’m really just letting you all see some stuff that’s actually possible with Discourse!

Retort (Reactions)

Currently we can only like posts, but it would be cool to be able to have reactions on posts! Discord has a similar feature where users can react to each message with emojis etc.

Display National Flags

Would be cool to allow users to display their nationality next to their names, It’s optional and would need to be enabled by each user.

BBCode Colour

I remember a thread that @midn8ght made a while ago about allowing different colours of text, so I thought I would add this to the list!

Knowledge Base

Basically allows for the creation of a wiki with things that users may need to know.

Merge Users

Allows staff and moderators to merge two users. Could be very useful if people have past accounts that they’re unable to login to.

Who’s Online

Shows the avatars of all the users that are currently online. Not sure how it would scale with the number of users that the forum now has, but could be a cool little addition to the site, since this is something I remember seeing on a lot of older forums, but usually just as a list of every username commonly at the bottom of the site.


Just what it says. Signatures, users can create signatures that display at the bottom of each post. I know these haven’t been that popular on forums for years, but remembering older forums, signatures were one of the best parts of reading threads and seeing new people!


Dan all this knowledge is making you the hottest man alive


I found this one a while back too. I think it’ll prove to be MEGA useful, but it’s up to dom to install it :+1:


@cami_p, is it possible for this to be done with my accounts (in the event any of these get added)? This is a very useful function, and would help community members that have duplicate accounts with significant amounts of posts.


Thought of you when I saw that plugin, I’m sure that it’s happened to other people as well though!


I vouch for the addition of all of these plug-ins onto these forums, except the BBCode Color plug-in and the plug-in for signatures. The FAQ explains why we simply shouldn’t use signatures :

Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it.

As for the BBCode Color plug-in, I believe these forums already have enough text variations implemented to get our messages across. We already have bold, italics, “quotes”, pre-formatted text, and hyperlinks. I fear adding colored text to these forums might make the whole website look very busy. In addition, the actual description of said plug-in has some warnings attached that might not be convenient for moderators:


I think that line in FAQ is more for:

[So, and So]


[U know who]

at the end of your post.


Thanks :slight_smile:


The BBCODE plugin is very simple :)) Thanks for including it in this big post


Whether this signature contains an image, the name of the post’s author, or both, the meaning of whatever is placed as a signature according to the user is the same: adding basic information about the author. This basic information can be easily accessed on these forums by seeing the user’s card, profile bio, and profile summary. :ellipsis: :ok:


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Adding another amazing plugin

Browser Fingerprint

Basically gives every user an ID based on things like timezone, screen resolution and device memory, and can effectively tell the moderators and staff when users are accessed from the same devices/browsers. This could be really useful to find people who have previously been banned and are using VPNs to evade bans!


Don’t worry. I’m still faithful to Paul Rudd.


I want to add on a little more about what I said about my thoughts on signatures. :pen:

Anytime I refer to open letters on these forums, I’m referring to topic descriptions that address the community to attempt to make them pay attention to a certain statement and signing off with your name. Suggestions, ideas, questions, and any other posts are not open letters. :email:

The only setting where I think signatures could be okay to use are when a topic’s description is an open letter to the community rather than a discussion topic. However, open letters are definitely pretty rare on these forums and I don’t think that a whole plugin should be added to them just for users to sign every post they make since it’s just unnecessary, like I stated previously. :bust_in_silhouette::email::busts_in_silhouette::busts_in_silhouette::busts_in_silhouette:


It’s been a while since this topic has been posted and I haven’t seen any of the plugins suggested be implemented on the forums yet. Any updates on what might be done with these in the future and on how soon the community should expect the addition of plugins (if any)? @arf @kaden @annam

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