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Usage of Degree Symbol for Weather on byte

Was just browsing symbols to suggest using on the app and came up with using the ° (degree) to tag weather on byte. I think this would be a remarkable feature to have to make people more engaged because sharing the weather doesn’t necessarily take much effort, which might make daily activity on the app more frequent. With the addition of this feature, the creator should be able to:

  • change temperatures presented from Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • tag local weather and temperature

Appearance example: 0°F , 0°C
Appearance example 2: :sunny:,:sun_behind_small_cloud:,:sun_behind_rain_cloud:,:cloud_with_rain:,:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:,:cloud_with_lightning:,:cloud_with_snow: (the emoji could be placed in the corner of the byte)

Do you think the symbol I suggested is fine or would you prefer using another symbol or another method to tag weather altogether?


Did somebody say weather?!!:eyes::eyes:


Agreed cause we can get some crazy ass weather here would definitely share it every now and then when it happens


I’m all for weather on Byte, hands down :raised_hands: I would love to see the weather in other people’s areas. I think that’s a cool little feature to make creators connect with their followers even more :ok_hand:

in here before someone calls me Weather boy


Get pumped Weather boiii


Dont think weather is that important on the app just like on snapchat its not really used. I think if its added both celcius and fahrenheit would be options. Id rather just see 0°C/F over emojis. Because if someone posts 100° F you wont know based on a sun emoji.

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I suggested both because I thought the emojis would give the feature a nice finishing touch. :sunny: That being said, keep in mind the most important part of this idea is the usage of the degree symbol for tagging local weather.

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