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Underrated Youtubers?


With 82 million subscribers they’re definitely underrated :joy:


Maximillains is definitely getting me hyped up for resident evil 2 remake


That dude sliding right into the couple making out in “The memes at compilation v39” had me :joy:


Penn and Teller taught me art was dedicated interesting. Could definitely see me getting hooked on this


Recording a spotify ad vid was kinda :laughing:


Kindgomd hearts VR experience looked interesting. Definitely looks it might be cool


Going to have to take notes on his videos because it definitely shoots some great videos. Puts my content to shame


Well since you have some talent I’m okay with the shameless plug. When are new making new videos for Yt?


I’d rather not say. Check it out yourself if you reaaally wanna know. also watch their vids : p


my favorite youtube channel since march 2018


Mikaela long is super funny


they have 3m subs but i still say they’re underrated


Okay :ok_hand: 8 char


Kid showers for the first time in 17 years… had me rolling. Hopefully he’s learned to shower on a regular basis since then😂


She definitely has an interesting sense of humor


What guys say vs what guys want to say had some funny moments


when the music video doesn’t match the song is one of the best things i’ve ever watched


Their challenges are great and how they do things relatable :joy:




I’ll admit he’s got some jokes