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Underrated Youtubers?


Which youtubers do you think are underrated and don’t get the attention they deserve?


and me ofc :wink:


Mustard is a channel that really excells at what they do, the historical planes trains and whatnots are magnificently brought to live once more through his fantastic cgi


These guys are some of the most hilarious people I’ve ever seen online, but they unfortunately ended way too soon. I definitely recc these guys for a great laugh.



Personally both of my favorites but would have picked others but thought they were bigger channels to choose compared to these two.



Elvis the alien


how to dislike a forum post


freememeskids … their compilations always make me laugh! They probably dont make their own though. Oh well, they’re good at compiling memes!


For you video essay fans out there


This guy’s commentary is great


I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan. This guy has been covering KH related news for years.



joinen, cuestar, and nateislame!! love their channels!! big fan!!
joinen and cuestar are kinda commentary, reddit thread stuff and nate does funny storytime animation and he’s doin music this year


cna i link my own channel hehehee


ayy i met jameskii im actually in one of his garrys mod videos ( he even put text down for what i said )


Laughing at Yes theory’s justin beiber controversy


The history he talked about in regards to the shinkansen, was interesting. Makes you realize how much goes behind making construction projects


Why did they stop making videos?