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i’m just gonna leave this here

Just forum things (byte forum yearbook)

Astonishing, I’m moved to tears


A natural reaction


What a Savage


Wtf that I just read


What other reaction can there be?


Well I’m shook


standing ovation


She got off easy


in sixth grade, i broke someone’s phone because they took my candy. never had to pay :stuck_out_tongue:


Savage XD


What a beast!


golden, purely golden


That’s something


Inspiring. I will now respond to future life crises with phone-breakage.


Were not equipped for this sort of issue, call the fbi.


This is wholesome


When I was 16 a girl I liked baked me a birthday cake and I brought it to my friend’s house and while I was eating pizza, his dog was in the other room eating my entire cake. When I finally realized this, I went to find the dog and he was in the other room eating all my pizza.

My relationship with dogs has been poor ever since.