Trying NEW things out


More what sorry


I use a HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition, have done for years. Don’t have an Xbox one though but it should still work :thinking:


YT Videos :smile:


So I need to purchase that to record my xbox screen?


Can I see your channel, if you don’t mind me?


cool! I have a small channel I started about a month ago, its called yflan if you want to check it out!


Sweet how is it going? I’ll check it out in a few hours, I am still in school


I personally use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing, Adobe After Effects for VFX/Compositing, Adobe Photoshop and Cinema 4D for 3d work. But, it can be very daunting and difficult starting out.

If you’re a beginner and just starting out, a good source to have is HITFILM. It’s cheap to start out but you can always upgrade to express, studio, etc. that has more options for compositing/VFX.

A FREE OPTION to have is Blender. It’s completely free and you can do basic edit work. Also, it has 3D engines as well so you can use that workspace if you ever wanna venture out. Their is a bit of a learning curve but it’s awesome once you get the hang of it!

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Oh thanks! I appreciate it!


I am in school right now also lol, It’s doing ok, I’m just posting for fun for right now. I’ll make sure to check your channel after school also!


That’s just what I use, there’s a lot of different capture cards out there :slight_smile:


I’ll pm you


Good luck on the channel!!