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Trap or Rap, which one do you like most?


When I was younger I love rap but a few years ago I began to listen trap and the truth today I’m delighted, it’s my favorite musical genre
That does not mean I do not listen rap, I also like it a lot but at this stage of my life I prefer the trap
In my city the people hear a lot of Latin Trap, it is very popular but nobody listens the English Trap, they dont value the real trap, they just follow the fashion of the Spanish trap. Do you know any singer Trap in Spanish? As for example Bad Bunny, Duki, Khea, Farruko or Daddy Yankee. If you know any, which is it?
This does not mean that I devalue the Trap in Spanish, it’s that I don’t like it very much
Who is your favorite Trap or Rap singer? What is your favorite musical genre?


I really like Kendrick so I guess Imma have to go with rap.


Kendrick is amazing!


I would also have to go with rap


He is awesome


Kendrick Lamar, right?


Its very cool the rap music


I like trap more.


You know bro :wink:


Idk i like trap and rap, but is not that i listen to it when im chilling or somthing I just listen trap in party’s.


Cool, i never go to a party that they have put English Trap music. What is your favorite musical genre?


I LOVE pop and house (btw im very crossover so I love everything thats music but those are my favs)


i love rap!! i don’t really listen to trap. i’m super into brockhampton rn


The rap is awesome, Its a very good space to express yourselves


I love depends on my mood haha so id go for both rap and trap

But to choose ill go with trap


The best choice :wink:


Yasssss such an icon!


What Kendrick are talking about? I imagine that Kendrick Lamar, Right?


Ya my man Lamar


I love the son “Humble”