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Total reach of all the users on the forum

I want to know how much following power all of us have combined! This would be useful in spreading the word about byte when it is released.

I know there are a few people here who have at least a small following. I’m going to try and make a list here, so maybe you can link to your socials with follow counts so we can compile a list!

List of influencers interested:

  • @byte_app accounts everywhere combined: 80k + followers

  • Dom: 75.8k followers

  • Chris Ashley (not on forum) 200k+ combined

  • @Daniel 140k+ combined

  • @Insyde (me) 43k+ combined

  • @kimuu 29k+ combined

  • @ShonziTho 25k combined

  • @wheevan has 5k YouTube subs

  • Matt Fogarty: 4.6k combined

  • @ramo 4.2k insta combined

  • @ash has 2.7k YouTube subs

  • @SteveOfTech 1.6k on Twitter

  • TOTAL so far: 600k+ follow power

Please let me know if I got anything wrong, and tell me updated numbers! For easy sorting I will add only people with over 1k followers/subs/etc

P. S. I WILL NOT add unless you have a link and it is verifiable as owned by you. I am looking for REAL numbers here.


I have 1.6k on Twitter!

Also don’t forget MattFogarty! He has 1.7k on Twitter and 2.9k on insta!

I have +24k on facebook, nd +7K on youtube

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:+1:t2: 8charzzz

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I have a 3k meme page on IG


Got a 148k fb page you can add if you want


i have 3 subs on youtube


Link plz?

2 I unsubbed because of this.


3 after I subbed to her

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I own @bantzboss on IG but it’s dead now and @no_dry well I stopped posting on both

I have 2.something thousand on YouTube

I got 278 views on youtube so my reach is good tbh


:joy::joy::joy: nice bro :ok_hand:t2:
Edit: why did you change it to YouTube? It was funnier when it said pornhub

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Yah, uh, link?

I’ll work on adding more tomorrow.

I’m trying to add in order of greatest following to least. It would also help if you linked to all profiles you mention :ok_hand:t2::+1:t2:

Don’t use anymore just put me down for 13


I recently talked to Chris Ashley, who had several million followers on V*ne, and he seemed interested in byte. He is not on the forums though. But he does have big V*ner contacts, who could help spread the word.

Weird flex but ok

No flex there bud