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я сделал первое русское сообщение на байт с помощью Google Translate


@handsomeAFteapot go wild

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А я второе,і третє буде українською

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отлично :sunglasses:

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Is this the language of one of the area51 aliens


Russian language lessons with teapot #1
When there is something funny we dont usually say LOL or lmao
We use ) or several )))))))))))
The ) is the result of a long process called evolution
From “:-)” to “:)” to )
so if there is something funny
and u are russian
you can type something like
heh) or heh)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
it also has some ironical background under it
and i know that some ferginers use it cuz they like it as well


Тут людей, которые говорят на русском, и так один с половиной, а ты еще и про украианскую мову говоришь

Btw, people say that russian in more difficult than chinese :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
so instead of ta male ge bide (特妈了个逼的) you should say mamkou iebal (мамку ебал)
well i can teach u stuff better than cyka blyat :thinking:

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ну теперь будет 1.5 руских и 1 украинец


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你好 (8char).

gracias mi amiga

russain (русский) mi amigo

I feel like this reflects many people’s thoughts on russian facial expressions from the west: image

I remember watching this one american youtuber in russia and he would things like gopnicks and blenchky. Don’t know what any of this means to be honest and I know I’m spelling it wrong