Today's Vlog is about V2!


Hey everyone,

So today’s vlog on my Youtube channel is (partially) about V2! I also discuss, expectations of V2, other social media apps, being a content creator and my advice to everyone waiting on V2. I had to film in a hotel today because our power was out thanks to the latest monsoon in Phoenix, so the lighting isn’t ideal. But you get the point!

It would mean a lot to me if the future content creators from this forum checked it out. Thanks!

Hype spike

Oh yeah. Hey, @BrendanCescon I talk about your Vine vid in my vlog from today!


I’m definitely gonna watch it


@joshsouthall just checked out the vlog. Rather pragmatic. I liked it and it gave me some good points to think over. The troll was an interesting touch, too.


Thanks for checking it out! Troll is misunderstood, but he tries :wink:


THANK YOU to everyone who has checked out the video so far and EXTRA THANK YOU for the private messages I’ve received regarding the content of this vlog. I’m glad so many of you seem to enjoy what I had to say, especially at the end of the vid.


I really did enjoy the troll and the whole vlog itself I value you as a creator and I hope to see you succeed in the future I’m a little young being only 15 as a content creator but I make ideas and create everyday the only reason I wait is so I can have a big enough new platform for me to put out content and further explore my abilities


I put a new video up! This one is less serious than the last and I think you’ll enjoy it. My wife joins me while we take a look at fat food commercials from other countries and hilarity ensues.