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Time Zones


Hello, everyone! :wave: Just thought it would be nice to have a collection of the time zones users are situated in. Although this topic is Off Topic, it might be used to better arrange voice chat sessions on our community Discord server, so please make sure to select yours below! Thank you. :blush:

Note: Due to restrictions of polls on these forums, I had to make the poll include only some of the world’s time zones. If your time zone is not listed here, please make sure to select the nearest one or one of the nearest ones. :clock3:

  • UTC +13 (New Zealand with exceptions and 4 more)
  • UTC +11 (much of Australia and 8 more)
  • UTC +10 (Queensland/Australia and 6 more)
  • UTC +8 (China, Philippines and 10 more)
  • UTC +7 (much of Indonesia, Thailand and 7 more)
  • UTC +6 (Bangladesh and 6 more)
  • UTC +5 (Pakistan and 8 more)
  • UTC +3 (Moscow/Russia and 22 more)
  • UTC +2 (Greece and 31 more)
  • UTC +1 (Germany and 45 more)
  • UTC +0 (United Kingdom and 24 more)
  • UTC -3 (most of Brazil, Argentina and 10 more)
  • UTC -4 (regions of USA and 31 more) [aka AST]
  • UTC -5 (regions of USA and 10 more) [aka EST]
  • UTC -6 (small region of USA and 9 more) [aka CST]
  • UTC -7 (regions of USA and 2 more) [aka PST]
  • UTC -8 (Alaska/USA and 2 more)
  • UTC -9 (Alaska/USA and regions of French Polynesia)

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I the best timezone, the one that isn’t + or - anything


If only it said Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the other one


Where’s MST?


According to this source, MST is the same as UCT -7. However, due to Daylight Savings, it is currently UCT -6. Regardless, I suggest you select UCT -7.


Ben what time is it for you


Is this metric time?


I think it’s modelo time


I think it’s centimeters


You mean muffin time


Ummm… K…


Idk. All these time zones look fake?? I don’t think timezones are real tbh


I think time itself is an illusion


Mayonnaise hut doge time


Time is just a social construct


Fun Fact: China has only 1 timezone


Time is like numbers and stuff


I think China has one timezone


Now that daylight savings passed and we’re an hour ahead, does that mean my timezone is changed??? Confusion


I think it does